Open Access Digital Infrastructure.


Digital infrastructure is everywhere.

Long term trends such as cloud adoption, distributed workforce, telehealth / telemedicine, remote education, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and AR/VR continue to drive the already urgent need for fast, secure, and reliable digital infrastructure – everywhere.

As a result, demand is exploding for regional, heavily interconnected colocation facilities along with fiber networks to provide increased access, improved/efficient routing, and fronthaul/aggregation; with demand for denser, next-generation wireless networks following quickly thereafter.

UII’s focus is to acquire, develop, and manage a unified, forward-thinking portfolio of carbon neutral data centers, next generation wireless technology, and open access fiber architectures, all thoughtfully designed to support ever increasing demand and new technology maturation.

UII believes that multi-tenant, neutral-host, net-zero infrastructure is the only sustainable way to provide the fertile interconnected environment required for edge workloads, public/private wireless networks, and internet/fiber access to grow at the rate and in the ways required to support the advancement and responsible conclusion of our shared digital transformation.
UII was founded to build the future, because demand for increasingly distributed workloads, customized service levels, cultures of innovation, energy awareness, and new technology currently exceeds incumbent providers’ financial and operational capability to develop fast enough.



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